Who We Are

MSW and ARS both started in 1968 and defined the advertising research industry.  On March 11, 2013 MSW Research announced the acquisition of ARS from Comscore resulting in the formation of MSW-ARS Research.  This move brought together two of the most respected leaders in advertising research under one roof.  The new MSW-ARS continues to provide marketers with the advertising research systems they have come to know and trust as well a full range of innovative brand and advertising research solutions utilized by Top 100 clients. MSW-ARS has a roster of marquee clients of all shapes and sizes representing virtually every product category including; Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Technology, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries.  We have experience with consumer-based initiatives, B2B and multi-cultural research.  We have long standing relationships with the world’s largest Retailer, Manufacturer and Pharmaceutical companies, a testament to our dedication to meaningful client servicing.

Since the beginning our focus has been on helping our clients measure, forecast and optimize advertising messages.  Our extensive knowledge base and proven models have been extended through innovative, scientific research-on-research to help many of the world's leading advertisers. 

Our digital solutions are designed to evaluate and optimize campaigns comprising any combination of touch points and we work from strategy development, to all stages of creative development, to in-market tracking.  Our behaviorally based products are proven through independent audits to help marketers meet and exceed their business objectives.

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