MSW●ARS Qualitative Insights

Case Study : Understanding Market Dynamics

A hard goods retailer needed to understand what was accounting for “brand bleeding” among some of its loyal ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) customers in specific markets.

MSW●ARS Research conducted a series of focus groups in markets where this behavior was noted.  Sessions were held among both DIY ‘bleeders,’ to determine what was leading them to shop at competitive retailers more often, and DIY ‘loyals,’ to understand what was keeping them.

This was a ‘classic qualitative study’ in that its success hinged on open client/supplier communication–the client providing market data and a thorough briefing on the issues, pinpointing criteria for finding the right DIYers per segment, and excellent screening.
Group discussion explored DIYers’ category shopping behavior and habits; brand drivers; competitive brand imagery; and a review of recent category advertising.  Research findings clearly identified the in-market factors that were driving some customers away, while other customers remained loyal.  This allowed the client to immediately take steps to improve its retail offering in order to regain consumer trust and loyalty, and also guided refinement to some of its advertising within these markets.