MSW●ARS Qualitative Insights

Mobile Research

As access to and adoption of mobile devices and technology expands, the opportunities for qualitative research are expanding with it. MSW●ARS Research is using, exploring and continually experimenting with these mobile tools in order to help marketers stay connected to their targets.

Mobile research is ideal for capturing and sharing time sensitive, in the moment or day-in-the-life behaviors, thoughts, impressions, experiences from wherever consumers are and whatever activities they are engaged in…shopping, cooking, game play, attending concerts or sporting events

  • Voice capture, allowing for emotional context
  • Texting
  • Photo and video clips

MSW●ARS Research offers mobile research with other online options…allowing participants to connect with us in the moment remotely, then follow-up online to provide more details or engage in a group discussion

The research applications for mobile are growing rapidly, allowing MSW●ARS Research to offer a more complete tool box of qualitative options.