Communications Activation

Within MSW-ARS’s Brand Building Portfolio at the Communication Activation stage is a suite of advertising research systems designed to address client needs along the creative development process.

These are the most validated advertising research systems available, backed by 40+ years of experience and 140,000+ tests and counting.  We offer best-in-class methodologies including: cognitive, neuro, bio, facial coding, eye tracking and observational measures that are integrated to provide richer data, deeper insights and marketplace success.


Issues addressed and questions answered at this Communication Activation step:

  • How is the objective best translated into a marketing idea?
  • Will this idea work in today’s environment?
  • How do we deliver the marketing idea within the communication idea? What are assets that drive emotion, equity, shareability?
  • Does the idea come to life in execution? Will the program build trial, awareness, equity? Which executions work better/worse for each media goal?

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