Digital Practice

MSW●ARS Digital Practice is focused on product innovation and data collection for new and emerging digital media. We strive to lead our clients through the new digital landscape and provide insights.

We offer a complete set of solutions and capabilities for brands and agencies to address a wide range of challenges.

  • We offer a full featured, robust mobile market research platform that is extremely flexible.
  • Surveys can be delivered via email, SMS, and links as well as other means.
  • Sample can be recruited from a variety of sources including, our panel partners, client supplied sample, lists, or we can even recruit sample from in-store if we’re doing something like shopper insights.
  • We can deliver mobile surveys on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, and Blackberry.

Talk with us about:

  • Advertising Evaluation and Tracking of digital and traditional media
  • Researching multiple media Touch Points
  • Digital Copy Testing
  • Digital Video Research
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Mobile Diaries
  • Mobile Communities
  • Specialty Panels
  • Employee Feedback
  • Event / Sponsorship / Tradeshow Research
  • In-Store / Shopper Insights
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • "In the moment" Targeting

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