Visual Validated Drivers, Advertising Content Assessment

Quickly Determine the Strength of your Digital and Traditional Advertising

Ad quality is 4X more important to the sales outcome than the media plan, therefore brands and agencies have been searching for a scalable solution to gauge digital creative potential, especially for campaigns whose objective is branding not clicks. Until now, it's been difficult to find a method which is financially feasible and can be rapidly deployed.

The search is over. MSW●ARS powered Visual Validated Drivers provides a rapid assessment of an advertisement by identifying the presence or absence of key elements that have been determined to drive successful advertising – advertising that moves brands in the marketplace.

Over 25 years of use in advertising research, across all touch points, MSW●ARS has validated the basic drivers of success and has now customized the Visual Validated Drivers system as an application for digital advertising. Whether sorting through a dozen banner ads to locate the ones with greatest potential or locating the most effective portions of your videos and other rich media, this assessment provides a fast, cost-effective solution.

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